Art Gallery

Here you can find art pieces I've done

a black and white painting. it might be a snowstorm or it might be a piece of plastic. you decide
six stacks of six small Agdaboi stickers
A large Agdaboi sticker. 5x7
a white and black abstract piece
a vaguely eye and/or vulva shaped abstract art piece that may resemble a red blood cell
purple and blue abstract painting
a pile of rainbow elixir droplet stickers with transparent border in the shape of a droplet
blue background with magenta paint spills on a 5x7 canvas board
a white and black planet scape on poster board
a white and black planet scape on card stock
a purple painting of a nixos style lambda
purple and magenta haskell stickers
nixos stickers official colors
asexual pride nixos stickers
asexual pride nixos stickers
trans nixos stickers
trans haskell sticker
trans haskell stickers
trans haskell stickers
official colors nixos logo
magenta and purple nixos logos
magenta and purple haskell stickers
asexual nixos stickers
white coda logo on a purple background on a marble counter
computer rendered anarchy symbol in trans pride (pink/white/baby blue) colors
computer rendered thompson-wheeler haskell logo in (red/black/white) anarchy colors